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We are a group of interested, like-minded individuals and professionals who acknowledge the adverse effects of Parental Alienation (PA) on children and young adults namely:

  • PA is not gendered biased and to suggest that it results, in reductionist narratives that do a disservice to the children impacted by alienation.

  • PA is not a gender issue as it negatively impacts mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents and extended family equally. 

  • PA is recognised as an adverse childhood experience.

  • PA fits into Coercive Control and Domestic Violence.


Our core focus is to act as advocates for the “Voice of the Child”  to minimise psychological and emotional harm experienced by them across their lifespan.

Our inaugural conference will be enabled and empowered by Changes - and the newly formed group ACA whose membership is representatives from all walks of life.  

Our Vision is to help children have their brightest future by growing up with the healthiest version of both their parents and their families and to educate society that holds children’s interest first and foremost.

Our Strategy is to help educate ourselves and society, in general, to enlighten debate and bring about the necessary legal and societal changes to stop PA.

Our Starting Point is to hold our inaugural Conference for social, legal and mental health professionals involved in family well-being from the island of Ireland.

Our Aim is to form a Not-For-Profit Group after this event that will be advocates for children firstly (parents, extended families next) experiencing PA which is accepted by Main Stream society, founded on the three key pillars of:


  • Education - starting with self, then professionals, children, and wider society

  • Interventions - Training needs (statutory and voluntary) using teachings such as Family Bridges

  • Solutions - Law reform for comprehensive the protection and safeguarding of children


Our intent is to hold at least 2 Conferences for professionals yearly together with 4 Seminars for Parents and Children at various locations around the island of Ireland.

For the sake of our Children please support us in this noble quest!


Contact us via info@irishpaconference.com